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Different pressures are applied incrementally up to specified pressures. Air infiltration or exfiltration are measured by air flowmeters.

 are available.



Lateral and vertical movement up to / - 50 mm are applied to number of cycles required.



Static, Dynamic and Cyclic tests.

Water is delivered at rates of up to 10 litre per minute per meter square through a matrix of spray nozzles 700mm centre to centre. Differential pressures are applied incrementally to specified static, dynamic or cyclic pressures.


i.    Water Penetration Test

ii.  Discharge and Entry Loss Coefficient/ Pressure Loss


a) Static negative or positive pressures up to 12 KPa are applied incrementally.
b) Cyclic negative & positive pressures of a few seconds duration can also be applied.


1.   Installation / Dismantling of Test Specimen

2.   Field Test

      i.   Field check of metal curtain walls for water leakage (AAMA 501.2).

      ii.  Field check of water penetration through installed exterior windows, curtain walls and doors by Uniform Air Pressure Difference (AAMA 501.3).

      iii. Field determination of water penetration of installed exterior windows, curtain walls and doors by uniform or Cyclic Air Pressure Difference (ASTM E1105).

      iv. Field measurement of air leakage through installed exterior windows and doors (ASTM E783).

3.   Any other tests relating to curtain wall, window and door system.

4.   Inspection and consultancy

      Appointed by CARLSON TESTING INC. based in United States for conducting structural sealant inspection works for City of Portland, USA.

5.  Third party witness

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