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Our State of Art Singapore Acrreditation Council - Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme accredited test facility is one of the largest in the region consisting of the following :
  • Six Test Chambers of various dimensions from 16m(W) x 12m(H).
  • Multi-Channel Data Acquisition System for Real-Time monitoring of Test Data.
  • 40 numbers of  75mm range Displacement Transducer.
  • High tonnage ENERPAC Double Acting Hydraulic Ram with Pneumatic and Control System.
  • PNR Full Cone Nozzles. (700 mm centre to centre)
  • Two CROSSLE Centrifugal Blower of 10kPa at 4000 (CFM) capacities and one blower of 12kPa at 5000 (CFM) capacities.
  • ROSEMOUNT Pressure Transmitters.
  • AIRFLOW Manometers. (Range: -0.5 kPa to 0.5 kPa, -2 kPa to 2 kPa, -10 kPa to 10 kPa, -50 kPa to 50 kPa)
  • PODDYMETER Air Flowmeters.
  • MONOFLOP Water Pump with 15 Hp Motor.
  • Pratt and Whitney Air Craft Engine.
  • ELO-Metric Rotary Actuators with Positioner and I/P Controller.


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